Digital technologies

“The best catalyst for digital transformation success is curiosity.”

Matthias Gutzmann

Founder at DPW

The amount of valuable data in procurement continues to expand and standard software solutions may not be sufficient to fully leverage its potential. 

Digital Technologies​
Digital Technologies

As demand for better procurement tools grows, so does the supply of advanced SaaS solutions on the market. 

To achieve progressive results in Procurement, it is essential to maximise the efficient and effective use of data, as well as keeping abreast of emerging technologies and integrating them into processes.

It is crucial to have a clear understanding of the organisations needs to ensure that the right tools and strategies are employed.

The procurement process remains largely unchanged, but with the help of digital capabilities, it has become much more efficient. 

Incorporating digital technologies in the procurement function enhances strategic sourcing by making it more predictive, automates transactional procurement, enables proactive supplier management, and ultimately, makes procurement more intelligent.

Procurement has traditionally excelled in negotiating, building relationships, and finalising deals, but now more than ever, procurement must also be analytical.


Digital technologies allow for more data-driven decision-making, enabling procurement to base their decisions on a more analytical foundation.

The demands on procurement organisations today are markedly different to those placed on the function as 20 years ago. Then the main expectation was that it would deliver cost savings. There was little talk of broadening that scope.

Today we have disruption and you can only really deal with these challenges if you’ve digitised your processes. You need to be able to respond quickly to what’s happening outside. You can’t do that on a spreadsheet. (Source: DPW Innovation Lab)

The fast-paced dynamics of the industry make continuous changes inevitable, particularly when it comes to technology tools.

The successful implementation of digital technologies in procurement is dependent on the readiness of the procurement process, people, and technology. 

This requires organisational changes to be made to ensure that all necessary components are aligned and prepared for the adoption of these technologies.

Digital Technologies

There are several resources we suggest to follow on development of Procurement digital technologies:

Digital Technologies​


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DPW’s annual flagship conference in Amsterdam



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