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Supplier scouting

AI supported supplier scouting solution by our partner Matchory includes 10M potential suppliers. We help you improve competition among suppliers. Significantly.

Why would you be interested in our offer?

Why us?
Why us?


If you want to find a better Supplier


If you need a Supplier for a new purchasing needs


If you want to make sure you know the Supply market


Why choose our solution?


We offer comprehensive insights on the global supplier market that are not easily accessible through Google research.

Our solution delivers this information rapidly, saving your company up to four weeks of research time and providing full-value data.


How does it work?


Looking for new Suppliers can be a challenging task, and traditional methods such as a Google search or attending trade shows may not be sufficient in today’s rapidly evolving Supply market. 

Those steps in sourcing, which involves identifying potential suppliers and creating a Long list,  can be easily automated. 
Additionally, our solution offers unlimited access to suppliers from all geographical locations.

The content on a company’s homepage can be useful for Supplier scouting, but often such data are unstructured and heterogeneous, making it difficult to extract useful information. 

While companies internally may use Google for Supplier scouting, it’s not the ideal tool, as it generates irrelevant results and misses potential suppliers. Our partner Matchory tool uses machine learning algorithms to extract only relevant data for effective Supplier searches.

Our Supplier data goes beyond just providing basic information – we also provide insights on which companies export to the USA.

Market Volatility

How are companies responding to the current volatile period? ​

Market Volatility
  • Some are expanding their supply base as a way to manage inflation in procurement
  • Some companies option to shift their focus to alternative suppliers in certain categories in response to material shortages. For instance, instead of relying on European suppliers, they may consider qualifying Far East suppliers.
  • Some companies are adopting a risk management strategy by diversifying their sourcing geographies and exploring alternative sourcing options.
Supplier competition

Supplier competition

Supplier competition​

Measuring supplier competition by the number of potential suppliers rather than existing ones is accurate approach. This mindset fosters development and innovation.

To ensure an effective Tender among suppliers, it’s important to have a competitive environment with a large number of potential participants, rather than limiting the number of Suppliers.


At times, a company may come to the realisation that their primary procurement objective for a specific product group is to increase Supplier competition. 

Obviously, the level of competition among Suppliers is determined by the criteria set by the company itself for Supplier selection.

Limiting competition can also be a result of the company’s own decisions:

  • imposing unreasonable qualifications on Suppliers 
  • demanding unnecessary levels of experience 
  • insisting on a specific brand or producer 
  • setting geographical limitations on Suppliers 
  • additionally, having overly complicated product specifications can also serve as a barrier to competition

Autonomous e-Sourcing

Reason For a New Supplier

At some point, every company requires a new Supplier for various reasons:

Reasons For a New Supplier
  • for cost savings
  • dealing with delayed deliveries from existing Suppliers
  • dealing with disrupted deliveries from existing Suppliers
  • receiving damaged goods from existing Suppliers
  • seeking Suppliers closer in proximity
  • risk that existing Supplier won’t fulfil his obligations
  • looking for improved customer service from Suppliers
  • existing Suppliers regularly increase prices
  • need Suppliers that meet sustainability requirements
  • sourcing a new material category without prior experience
  • simply need a new contract
AI Technology

AI technology provided by our partner Mysupply streamlines the tendering and purchasing process by automating contract conclusion.

AI Technology

Our solution goes beyond just being an information gathering portal. 

We understand that supplier competition is crucial to a successful procurement tender, which is why we utilise Supplier scouting technology to ensure a wide pool of potential suppliers in the first step.

In the second step, we facilitate the Tender process through automatic negotiations to streamline the purchasing contract conclusion.


How does it work?



Supplier scouting 


Demand volume determination


Supplier invitation 


Evaluation based on predefined criteria


Lot creation. Technology suggest the best combination


Automated Negotiation. Technology suggests the best negotiation strategy


What’s going on in the markets?


With the increasing price volatility in supply markets, prompt decision-making has become essential. Consequently, companies now prioritize quick planning of needs for shorter periods over the high accuracy of longer planning, and conduct sourcing events more frequently.

An electronic tendering process still follows the same tendering rules as in the past before digitalization. However, with the help of automation, advanced analytics, and negotiation support, the process is now more efficient and effective than ever before.

At our company, we believe in the concept of “try before you buy”.

This means that you have the opportunity to test our solutions for your specific category needs and see how they align with your procurement goals. 


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